Event: Who we are and what is the online gambling

On June 26, our presentation as an association will take place. We will be happy to publicize our motivations and future activities, in addition to organizing the first workshop on what is online gaming. In this first workshop, we will talk about the contribution of the sector in Ceuta, tools and protocols as well as the basic operation of a gaming website. Our objectives are to publicize in a transparent and clear way the operation of a gaming operator, and the realistic needs of recruiting professionals in the city.

Event: We are responsible

On October 15th we present our first responsible gaming workshop in which several of the best experts in the sector will give their views on current procedures and mechanisms in both the retail and online areas, in addition to evaluating new protocols for detecting pathological behaviours. We have a clear orientation towards safe and consistent gaming, therefore, we are involved in the continuous search for new ways to make online gaming the most responsible and committed way of gaming that exists.

Event: Bet on Ceuta

Conferences organized in the Autonomous City of Ceuta on gambling and taxation in which first-class expert professionals discuss relevant issues related to the sector.

In this event you will know first-hand everything that the Autonomous City offers to companies that decide to settle in their territory and future plans thar are being developed to contribute to all of us.

A meeting forum between Game Regulators and professionals from different specialties that you cannot miss.

Event: Solidarity Marathon

Sports lovers have an unmissable date on December 12 and 13 in Ceuta. It is the first Ceuta Solidarity Marathon ’in favour of gaming as fun,“ If there is no fun, there is no game ”(responsible gambling, protection of minors, etc.) that will take place in the city. The BOC association organizes a solidarity Marathon to raise awareness about responsible gaming. Children and adults are welcome at this sports festival, whose objective is, in effect, to run a charity race, but also to support a good cause: play for fun. In addition to promoting the practice of sport, this marathon seeks to raise funds for collaboration with local associations that help raise awareness of responsible gaming.