identificacion biometrica

Biocryptology seeks to end identity theft

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In the last year, 7% of Spaniards have suffered some kind of theft of personal data and Spain is at the head of the countries most affected by this fraud. Biocryptology is proposed as a biometric identification platform which aims to establish itself in the standard of online and physical identification.

Its operation is very simple, it is enough to download the application, register with the email, a phone number and the user’s biometric data, fingerprint and facial recognition.

The company already has agreements to implement its technology with more than 15 companies on the Forbes list, and its clients will include several international banks.

The platform seeks to end the use of insecure passwords,Biocryptology
encrypts and stores data and allows you not to have to leave personal information on the internet

Biocryptology does not send or store biometric information or passwords, and yet it still allows biometric identification and authentication, regardless of the channel used: mobile phone, ATM, computer or even physical premises.

Adding Biocryptology to business applications takes very few hours, so it is not necessary to make major changes in the priorities of the technical department and the conditions for protect customers by offering them a totally “phishing free” service in no time, so there is no reason not to try it.


Source: Azarplus