Ceuta attends the SBC Summit Barcelona

The president of Bet on Ceuta, Rebeca Chacón, shared a table at the SBC Summit Barcelona with Kissy Chandiramani, Minister of Economy and Finance of Ceuta; Santiago Asensi, founding partner of Asensi Abogados; Juan Espinosa García, former General Director of the DGOJ and founding partner of SilverBack and Felipe Masa Sánchez-Ocaña, Senior Manager of EY; in the paper ‘Ceuta, the entry point for the LatAm opportunity?’.

On September 21, the factors that consolidate Ceuta as the best European destination for online gaming were addressed during the presentation, exposing the potential of the city and opening the doors to the LatAm markets.

The presentation had a large number of attendees interested in learning more about tax advantages, infrastructure and good communications in order to possibly establish their businesses in the future in Ceuta.