Great success in the ‘II Padel Tournament’

The association held last weekend, October 8 and 9, its second inter-company padel tournament that had more than 70 participants, thus doubling last year’s participation.

The purpose of the initiative is to promote relations between the members of the different companies in the sector based in the city. And nothing better to achieve it than through the implicit values ​​of sport such as effort, self-improvement, perseverance, equality, respect or camaraderie.

In the first category called ‘Pro’, the champion couple has been formed by Javier Martín and Iván García, both belonging to Flutter. In second place were Francisco Medina, from Flutter, and Emilio Montesinos, from Pastón.

In the second category ‘Amateur’, the team made up of Javier Chamorro and Juan Jiménez, in this case both from 888, have achieved first place. Laura Merino, from Bally’s, and Francisco Vidal, from Luckia, have qualified for second place.

The same Sunday afternoon, after a ‘Paellada’ and some good desserts, the awards ceremony was held; With some first words from the president of Bet on Ceuta, Rebeca Chacón, and the ‘presenter’ of the awards, Clara Gómez Grau, who gave a few laughs, the event ended.



🏆 Champions of the ‘Pro’ category: Javier Martín and Iván García, (Flutter)
🏆 Runners-up in the ‘Pro’ category: Fran Medina (Flutter) and Emilio Montesinos, (Pastón)

🏆 Champions of the ‘Amateur’ category: Javier C. and Juan Antonio Jiménez, (888holdings)
🏆 Runners-up in the ‘Amateur’ category: Laura Merino (Gamesys) and Francisco Vidal, (Luckia)

🥇 Best Match Award – Javier Márquez and Javier Villagordo against Ivan Medina Gomez (Flutter), and Jaouad Berrissoul (Sportium).

🥇 Prize for the best player of the Tournament – Xavier Ballester (Casino Barcelona)


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