Procesa prepares a call for customer service training

The public company Procesa, attached to the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Public Administration of Ceuta, prepares a call for the selection of students for a course on customer service within the Online Gaming Sector aimed at unemployed people at current or potential risk of social and labor exclusion.

Thus, the training course focused on customer service in online gaming offered by Procesa will admit 20 students, and its selection system will be the merit assessment contest according to the scale that is set out in the bases, which may be consulted soon in the Procesa websiteand in the Official Gazette of the City of Ceuta (BOCCE). The course will last 75 hours (theoretical training), and will not be associated with any training scholarship.

Among the necessary requirements for participation in this course are:

  • Be registered in Ceuta
  • Be unemployed at the time of application (as well as for the duration of the course)
  • Having warned of their situation of social exclusion with special difficulties for their integration into the labor market
  • Minimum formation of Baccalaureate or equivalent

Anyone who wants to submit their application may do so from the day following the publication of the bases in the BOCCE, the deadline for submission being 10 calendar days. The application must be submitted to the General Registry of the Procesa offices, on the first floor of the Ceuta Center building (between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.), including the documentation required in the call, as well as the application form and the sheet self-healing. It will also be possible. They may also be presented in any of the forms provided in the Common Administrative Procedure Law.

The final results of the selection call will be obtained from the sum of the score obtained in the scale and, if any, the one obtained in the interview, as it will only be carried out if the selection committee deems it necessary, in the event that there were several identical scores of the graded applications. In this case, applicants to the course would be selected for a mandatory interview. The participants with the highest scores will be selected for the course, with the rest remaining as substitutes.

The list of selected candidates and substitutes will be published on the Procesa website as well as on its notice board. Best of luck to the applicants!

Source: Azar Plus