Responsible Gaming Workshop Schedule

Ceuta, 10/22/2020

09’00 h. at 09’20 h.- Participant registration and entrance to the workshop

09’20 h at 09’30 h.- Opening, presentation of the workshop and program

09’30 h at 10’45 h.- First part:

  • Introduction
  • Game sector:
    • Gambling in Spain (Brief History)
    • The news of face-to-face and online gambling
  • Online game:
    • Regulation.
    • Fraud, analysis and risk management.
    • National Commission to combat manipulation in sports competitions and fraud in betting CONFAD


Speaker: Jesús Alberto FUENTES SASTRE, CEO Buenos Princpios

11’00 h. at 11’30 h.- Coffee

11’30 h. at 12’45 h.- Second part:

  • Detection protocols for pathological behaviors
  • Technology to help the user
  • How the sector must establish the transparency and quality of all processes


Speaker: Miguel Angel ARANA MORALES, CEO Dodepecho

12’45 h. at 14’00 h. – Round table and closing:

  • Future of online gaming
  • Future of offline
  • Sustainable game
  • Player protection
  • Regulation direction
  • Etc.

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